1 April 2015

DIY: Minimalist Marble Clock

I'm loving the current marble trend and have been after a marble clock for a while - whether bought or DIYed. But I'm a bit hesitant to have a hunk of marble hanging on the wall as I imagine it could do some damage if it fell! So decided to DIY one using some marble contact paper I had lying around. 



Mark the centre of the placemat or cork board. You might need a compass for this, although your base doesn't have to be circular - square or hexagonal could look quite nice.


Drill a hole where you marked the centre. The size of the hole will depend on your clock mechanism - the instructions should tell you. You may need to tidy up the edges of the hole with your stanley knife or sandpaper.


Peel the back of your contact paper off and apply to your clock face. Smooth out any bumps or crinkles and cut any excess around the edges with the stanley knife.


Use the stanley knife to remove the contact paper covering the centre hole.  


Insert the clock mechanism through the centre hole at the back. You can buy clock mechanisms from craft stores or online, but you could also buy a cheap clock and take it apart. This is what I did as I didn't like the style of clock hands for sale with the individual mechanisms I found. 


Turn the clock over and attach the washer, hex nut and clock hands to complete your clock!

1 comment:

  1. How beautiful! It looks totally posh! Isn't marble contact paper the best?