26 October 2015

DIY: Frida Kahlo Floral Headpiece

Back posting just in time for Halloween! Frida Kahlo is a popular costume choice every year when halloween rolls around so here's an easy tutorial for a floral headpiece to complete your Frida Kahlo halloween costumeShe was an incredible artist and a remarkable woman. 

  • Assorted Flowers
  • Pronged Wire Headband
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Scissors
  • Glue 


Play around with your flowers to determine how you want them to sit and layer on the headpiece. You can use fake flowers, DIY your own paper flowers or even use real flowers. Keep the larger flowers as the base and work from there. Do you want the flowers off centre or evenly placed? How wide across the head do you want them to sit? How bulky do you want the headpiece?  


Take the round nosed pliers and unwind the prongs on the headband where you want to place flowers. Don't unwind them entirely, just loosen the twisted wires so you can thread the stem through. Insert the stems of the flower down and back up through the twisted wires and rewind the wire prongs closed to hold the flowers firmly in place. 


Continue adding flowers until you are happy with how your head piece looks. Secure with glue if necessary. 


When you are happy with your design, cut the stems back to the length of the wire prongs. You might need to use wire cutters if you are using fake flowers with wires in the stems. 


Now you can channel Frida Kahlo!

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